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Located at a stone's throw away distance from the famous Dasha Bhuja Lakshmi Ganesh Temple, the primary tourist attraction in Hedvi, "Devrai" is a stay option approved by M.T.D.C under the bed and breakfast scheme.

"Devrai" - Hedvi offers spacious clean rooms to ensure a comfortable stay for its guests. "Devrai" - Hedvi has 5 spacious rooms ideal for couples or small groups and a terrace flat with two small bedrooms and a large hall along with a spacious terrace ideal for large families and groups.

"Devrai" - Hedvi serves only pure veg kokani cuisines in its restaurant.

There is no dearth of open spaces in "Devrai" - Hedvi. With a spacious garden and children's play area with swings and slides you certainly wouldn't feel confined during your stay in "Devrai" - Hedvi. There is also a large parking space witin the campus for its guest's vehichles.

Sightseeing near "Devrai" - Hedvi

Apart from the Ganpati temple there is lots more to see in Hedvi. Hedvi has a small cove of a rocky beach about a kilometer from "Devrai" - Hedvi. You can also witness an amazing phenomenon called 'Bahman Ghal'  in Hedvi
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Shri Rajabhau Jogalekar
Hedvi,Guhagar Tal
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Hedvi Hotels
Hedvi Hotels
Hedvi Hotels
Hedvi Hotels
Devrai - Hedvi
Devrai - Hedvi
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